Loukia studios & suites are located in Kini, Syros.

A breath away from the beach

Loukia Studios and Suites is located in Kini, Syros, just 450m from the beach of Kini (5 minutes walk). The bus statinon is at 50m, the mini market is at 300m and the taverns and restaurants at 400m. The port of Syros is located 6,5Km from Loukia Studios and Suites. If you have a car of bike you can park it at our private parking lot.

Easy access to the port of Syros

The distance from the port of Ermoupolis is only 6,5Km which is 12 minutes by car or 10 with a motorbike.

The bus needs about 20 minutes to come from the port, and the bus stop is just 50 meters from Loukia’s studios & suites.

Please let us know if you need help booking a rental car or bike, further info on the bus schedule, or details and costs about the taxis in Syros.

Breathtaking sunset

Kini is located on the west side of Syros, wich makes it the best spot on the island to enjoy the sunset.

Maybe Santorini is best known for its sunset, but you will change your mind when you see Kini’s sunset.

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend at least one afternoon watching the sun set in the sea of Kini, and stare at the breathtaking colors of the afternoon sky.

A taste of the Mediterranean

Other than the extraordinary beach, the crystal clean sea and the breathtaking sunset, Kini has some of the top restaurants of Syros.

Located literaly by the beach, you can enjoy some magnificen mediterranean-cuisine dishes and the best fresh fish of Syros.

Fun & Activities

Is that all? Surely, not!

Kini offers a lot to explore. Here is a snapshot. We ‘ll let you discover the rest.

  • Trekking
  • Tour with boat to secret beaches
  • Cycling
  • Aquarium
  • 2 mini markets
  • 4 cafeterias
  • 7 tavernas
  • Rent a car office
  • Catholic Church

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